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     Why Choose Score?

We know you have lots of choices out there. Here are the TOP 10 reasons to choose Score Photo, Inc.

  1. We have been around a long time, since 1989.

  2. We will custom tailor your league picture day to meet your specific needs.

  3. All of our photographers are professionally trained.

  4. Our photographers use professional digital cameras that produce the highest resolution.

  5. We can help you reach your fundraising goals.

  6. Best customer service in the industry.

  7. We offer a money back guarantee…no questions asked.

  8. Score Photo is flexible and easy to work with. We want to support you!

  9. There is always a retake day offered for anyone who missed picture day.

  10. Affordable picture packages with lots of choices.

A look behind the scenes…

We are thinking about your photo day weeks before you are! In order for your league picture day to run effortlessly there are many things that have to happen weeks before the photo shoot. We work very closely with the person in your league who has taken on organizing picture day. Many times this is a volunteer who is not even getting paid. So, be sure to thank them for all their efforts! This person advises us about scheduling picture day and helps get the word out to all the teams. They also pass out the picture order forms to coaches or team moms so that you get one BEFORE picture day.

Once the picture schedule is made we staff photographers and photo coordinators accordingly. The week before the shoot we make sure all the necessary paperwork and equipment is ready to take to the shoot. We are constantly keeping an eye on the weather if the shoot is outdoors, and possibly thinking about an indoor location.

During the shoot there are so many things to juggle, but most important is serving you! Weather, lighting, children wearing green (if on a green screen backdrop), and staying on schedule are all factors.

Once photo day is over our editing department gets to work! They inspect every image and check them for the highest quality. All photos are made ready for printing. Our lab is in Tennessee and pick up our work and drops off photos to us daily.

We hope you can tell that from start to finish, we love what we do! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your picture day!

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